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Digest from : Test Certificate dated 26.07.91 -Testing the Weed Resistance of EVERLAST-ROOFSKIN ( DIN 4062 )


1. Case in Hand
  • Date of receipt of application

  • Date of receipt of test material

2. Type and description of test material EVERLAST(R)ROOFSKIN

3. Contents of application
To test EVERLAST(R)ROOFSKIN for Weed Resistance according to DIN 4062 standards.

4. Test procedure
The test was conducted in accordance with DIN 4062, "Sealants for concrete construction elements, testing and application, Section 5.7"
  • No. of test samples:

  • Thickness of samples:
    between 1,33 mm and 1,9 mm
    average 1,5 mm
    (10 measurements taken)

  • Lenght of growth
    6 Weeks
    (27/05/91 to 08/07/1991)

  • Requirement
    The sealant must prevent roots from growing through it.

5. Test result After 6 weeks, the flowerpots were opened and the material placed inside them was inspected for penetrated roots.The lupin roots had neither grown on top of the EVERLAST(R)ROOFSKIN, nor had they grown into it.Picture2

The 2 cms thick comparison slab of 85/40 bitumen showed penetration growth in numerous places.Picture1

As a result of the test result, EVERLAST(R)ROOFSKIN can be classified as "root resistant".

Picture 1: Bitumen layer after end of test (6 weeks )

Picture 2: EVERLAST(R)-layer after end of test ( 6 weeks )

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